Introductory Courses - 2018

  • Each course runs for sixteen weeks from July - October 2018.
  • These courses are conducted online using high quality technology.
  • Small group size ensures face to face learning in a confidential setting.
  • The courses are run by USA based Faculty who have been trained by pioneers in the field.
  • The treatment model empirically tested and clinically verified through decades of experience.

Working with the Borderline  (Separation-Sensitive: Hoffman and Powell ) Client

Commencing in July 2018 this sixteen week online seminar focusses on the diagnosis and treatment of the Borderline (separation sensitive) Adolescent and Adult

The work of Hoffman, Powell et al (2014) pioneered the term "core sensitivities" and focussed on how these develop in children whose attachment status is insecure.  Such children are more likely to become adolescents and adults who suffer from attachment disorders stemming from these core sensitivities. This seminar will focus on adolescents and adults who present with borderline (separation sensitive) disorders.  The seminar will help clinicians distinguish separation (borderline) from esteem (narcissism) from Safety (schizoid) and will teach clinicians how to differentiate the clients defensive self from his or her real self.  The seminar will be practical and focussed on the different interventions needed to help the client let go of the defensive patterns that block the emergence of his or her real self.

This weekly seminar will be of interest to all mental health clinicians who wish to learn more about how to effectively work with clients who present with adolescent or adult "separation sensitivities".  

To register or find out more about the course contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Insecure Attachment: the core of attachment disorders.

This course, run by Steve Reed Ph.D, will be of interest to those clinicians who are familiar with - or wish to learn more about - the  identification and differential diagnosis of clients who present with insecure attachment. 

The pioneering work of the late James Masterson MD and Ralph Klein MD has been acknowledged as the blueprint for the development of the "separation-sensitive", "esteem-sensitive"and "safety-sensitive" framework used by the Circle of Security (Hoffman, Powell et al 2014).  These sensitivities often become engrained in personality structure, leading to a presentation of a Borderline, Narcissistic or Schizoid disorder of self.  Many  adolescent and adult clients present on a continuum according to how deeply engrained the sensitivities have become and the clinician who can identify and distinguish between these personality structures is well placed to treat all clients who present for help.  Effective help depends on how skilfully the therapist can attune to the structure - in order to refine his or her understanding of where 'the authentic self hides out'. 

Clinical vignettes and client material will be used extensively in order to help participants master and understand why attunement to these different sensitivities is essential for psychotherapy.

To register or find out more about the course contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..