Postgraduate Training Programs

One Year Certification Program 2019
The Borderline Personality Disorder

Three Year Postgraduate Training Program.

The Three Year Postgraduate Training Program has been designed to meet the skills based needs of those psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health clinicians who often emerge from lengthy university degrees without the sophisticated diagnostic and clinical skills required to effectively help adolescent and adult patients who suffer engrained problems with self esteem (disorders of self). The Program is part time and  has been tailored to meet the needs of the working clinician in private practice or the public health system by holding seminars and courses which can be attended before or after working hours.

The Training is conducted online as many of our Faculty are US-based, enabling a high quality clinical program to be effectively delivered to all parts of Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Clinical training commences immediately through individual supervision and group case conference so that concepts taught in the seminars can be linked immediately to clinical work. Click to download the pdf IMI Three Year Program

How does the Online Training work?

The online training uses high quality audio and visual computer technology which enables our US based faculty to teach and interact face to face with students coming from Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia. Seminars are arranged outside normal workplace hours for approximately three hours per week. Students are placed in small groups where they can see and hear each other in order to facilitate group learning and discussion. The weekly case conference, guided by one of our senior faculty, provides “hands on” instruction in differential diagnosis and clinical intervention.

This approach to the teaching of higher level clinical skills has been successfully used in South Africa, the USA and parts of Europe because we provide:

  • High quality audio/visual technology to enhance face to face contact
  • Small seminar groups ensure active discussion and group learning
  • Specialist input from clinicians who have taught in the field for thirty years
  • Faculty who have trained with pioneers in the field of disorders of self
  • A sophisticated integration of Self, Object Relations and Attachment theory
  • Integrated with the latest findings from Neurobiology.